Tips to get an Edge Over Your Job Competition

Today’s competitive job market is tricky that can give you disheartening experience. For hundreds of emails that you send as application for job vacancies in Kerala you receive only a couple of replies and that gets rejected at last. There are lots of job sites in Kerala out there which can offer you thousands of job vacancies for which you can apply. On an average every job offer receives 250 resumes from which only 4-6 will be invited for the interview. Hence you can understand how competitive the job market is. Here are the tips to make yourself stand out from the rest for your dream job in pvt ltd company job:

<>kerala jobs classifieds

kerala jobs classifieds

Make Your CV Stand out

An outstanding CV is always a potential bait for your employer. You may be tired of hearing this over and over again, but it is a fact. Your CV reflects what you holds within, your talents, skills, academics, what you are good at, not only these but it reflects how clearly you can point out every details and keep your document neat while presenting. Put on your skills, potential and experience within 2 A4 pages. Keep your CV concise and present it in a neat layout, this can attract any employer of private jobs in Kerala. Do something different than your competitors in order to make your CV stand out. Other candidates who are applying for the role will have the same skills and experience, so have that differentiating factor to get yourself noticed. Use your CV to demonstrate your capability make a wow impression on the hiring manager. Attach your Facebook and LinkedIn profile or any other resources that can showcase your talents while uploading your CV for job offers in Kerala.

kerala jobs classifieds

Approach Directly

To make you noticing, go straight to the source. Search for potential employers in LinkedIn and contact them directly for any advice for your application sent for IT jobs in Kerala. Do not hesitate this idea, the worst thing they can do is either not reply or say no, but there are more benefits than the negatives. Contacting them directly demonstrates your eagerness, initiative and the real interest in seeking that role. The responses they have made can offer you invaluable help while job hunting which you would only receive by contacting them directly. Also, this contact can make your name familiarised for the hiring manager that can aid you while at your interview.

Be Accessible for ATS

Make yourself prepared for some applicant tracking system that helps the potential employer to filter through best job apps. Be aware that your CV might not be caught by the recruiter during the initial stage, so tailor your CV to cater for both methods. In order to increase the chances of crossing your CV in the first stage include plenty of keywords from your job description and make real sure that the title of your previous job match the potential new and that your skills are perfect for the job requirement. This can get your CV a higher chance of getting through the first stage and get attention of your employer who review your application.

kerala jobs classifieds

Create Your Own Way of Approachment

Bring out your own way for job application, do something different from the rest while applying for new jobs in Kerala. Have you heard of the idea, job seekers attaching tea bag along with their CV while sending to potential employers. So that they can they can have a tea while reading your CV. Some employers really love this small memorable gestures that can help him to remember you the at interview. Do not go over the top and send them expensive gifts which may seem like offering bribe. Just create an application or CV that is hard to forget you.

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