How to get Hired with No Experience?

Well, it is a classic catch-22 situation; you need job for experience and experience for a job. You must be a graduate just a few weeks ago and out in the market searching for your first real job. Or looking for a different career to try a totally new work place, either way, the major challenge that you’d be facing is trying to get your first job for vacancies in Kerala without any experience and the job position you find can be disheartening, but with your complete hard work, ambition and self confidence it is always possible to get your right job with little or no experience. All you need is lots of determination and tenacity to find your right job opportunities in Kerala. To get hired with no experience there are lots of ways to gain those skills that potential employers are after.

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Join some Internships and Apprenticeships

Internships and Apprenticeships are great ways to obtain the much needed experience if you are a person struggling for a shot at a long term or permanent position in job vacancies in Kerala for freshers. This gives you a chance for acquiring first hand knowledge of your required job position and the organisation. This is also a great way to to build networks and contacts. These contacts can give rise to opportunities that can lead for a permanent employment. It is impossible for every students to secure an internship during study and this is known to many graduate employers. For an effective way of experiencing about your industry or the nature of your job would be like, it is better to apply for your internship or apprenticeship in your final year or right after your graduation, especially for IT jobs in Kerala. The relevant internships of your field can look impressive on your CV that helps you stand out from the crowd. Internships can last from a couple of weeks to a year, make sure you did atleast one after your college. Many large companies put out formal internship programmes, so browse the websites of the companies you are interested in. Apprenticeship gives you the experience of a real job while studying for a formal qualification. It is a long term agreement that can last from one year to four years to complete, and mostly the programme guarantees a job after completion.


Volunteer Yourself

Volunteer the job positions to easily win that internships, which is a sure-fire way to increase your employ ability, if you have no relevant experience for jobs in Ernakulam for graduates. Though it is unpaid, this offers you skills and contacts in the industry which is highly profitable at your starting stage if not focusing on financial gain. Volunteering shows your commitment, initiative and the strong work ethic you holds- after all you are working for free. This is highly respected by employers that can gain you a positive approach on them while seeing your CV. This interesting idea can also provide many sought-after transferable skills like confidence, teamwork, time management, communication, flexibility, and organisation. If you like to work with children in the future, try volunteering the area that is relevant for your dream job position, for example, volunteer schools or youth organisations.


Enlarge Your Networks

If you are a starter into the job market, it is important who you know than what you know. A personal contact recommendation to an employer can go a long way. But what are the ways to build up a network of contacts while you are trying to enter the job market. You are having more connections than what you think, make use of people that are close: your family and friends, other acquaintances or students on your course, and the contacts from clubs and societies, etc. In order to broaden your network, attend job fair Kerala, employer talks, recruitment events, or lectures and maintain those contacts with the people you come across. Keep in touch with the people you meet on your internship programmes, work experience placements, and volunteers, you never know how they might come in useful. Social medias like Facebook, Twitter and especially LinkedIn are an effective way to build and maintain your professional network for latest jobs in Kerala. Follow and connect with those companies and individuals of your industry and yield impressive results. There are students and graduates who were offered a job solely because of their social media profiles.

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